Athersley North Primary School

Pupil Voice

Our Committees

At Athersley North Primary, we have Wider Curriculum Committees for all pupils in Years 5 and 6 to join.

Members of the Wider Curriculum Committees have a special leadership role in making sure that the pupils in our school have a voice and opportunities to evaluate and develop Athersley North Primary School, so that it continues to grow.

This year our committees are;

Peer Supporters
Road Safety
School News Paper
School Parliament
School Website

Our Committees

The anti-bullying committee work together to think of whole school strategies to help raise awareness about bullying and think about some strategies to implement in school. The anti-bullying committee will raise awareness about important events such as anti-bullying week and cyber bullying day.

The environment committee work together to evaluate how environmentally friendly our school is and think of some positive steps for making improvements.

The fundraising committee work together to plan fundraising events throughout the school year to raise funds for school and charity.

Peer Supporters work with pupils at unstructured times to model how to play games and how pupils can use the playground equipment appropriately. Peer Supporters received specialist training to ensure they understand key strategies for helping other pupils.

The Road Safety committee work together to plan the most appropriate ways to communicate how to stay safe when near a road. The committee also work closely with Road Safety representatives from the Local Authority to stay up to date about wider community issues and national strategies.

The School Newspaper Committee work together to communicate important information about school life and events, via the school newsletter.

The Playground committee work together to ensure the games and equipment used outside during unstructured times are well maintained and cared for and supervise younger pupils.

Representatives are selected from each class in Key Stage Two to attend School Parliament meetings to discuss whole school issues and any issues raised in individual classes.

The School Website committee work together to find ways to improve our website. They discuss what content to upload and what changes need to be made to our website to make it more user friendly.