Athersley North Primary School

About Us

All about Us

Athersley North Primary School is situated in the heart of Athersley on the outskirts of Barnsley. Our mission statement emphasises the importance of the community to the school and the school to the community.

Athersley North Primary has the facilities to meet our children’s next steps in learning, as well as providing advice and support to parents and families and is fully accessible for disabled children and adults.
We are committed to providing an environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their educational, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.

Collaboration and support are themes which run through our school at every level. As a school, we understand that progress can only be achieved through a motivated staff-team who share a collective passion for improving the life chances of the children and families within our community. The dedication of our team is reflected in our enthusiastic and confident pupils, supportive parents and active Governors and together they contribute to a thriving school community.

Our Vision & Mission

“Athersley North Primary School will be at the heart of the community from which will emerge confident and skilled individuals of the future.”

To achieve this we will work in partnership with parents and the community to develop the full potential of each pupil, within a secure and caring environment.

We will promote and develop partnerships with peers, parents, and the local and wider community, recognising the important role they play in the child’s education.​

We will ensure that all pupils develop a sense of value, self-respect and responsibility that will enable them to live adult lives at home, at work, at leisure and within a technological, global community. ​

We will set high standards and expectations of conduct from adults and pupils, and of teaching and children’s learning. Thus helping them to achieve their full potential, becoming lifelong learners and productive members of society.

At Athersley North Primary School every pupil is recognised as a unique individual.  We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.  Diversity will be celebrated, and we will be fully inclusive.  Wider community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum.  We will build strong community links with local businesses/ services and share best practice with other schools, to ensure we model the responsibility to be a tolerant, lawful and thoughtful member of the community.

We nurture academic success alongside creativity and imagination.  Our pupils will experience a broad and rich curriculum which will be delivered in a vibrant and creative environment, where all pupils are challenged and experience the excitement of learning.  Pupils will learn the importance of protecting theirs and others’ individual liberty, particularly their right to freedom of speech and belief.

At Athersley North Primary School, we have high expectations for all.  We will ensure that we demonstrate the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity.  We work tirelessly to ensure our learning community is a place where both adults and pupils feel valued and safe.  The physical and mental health of the pupils and staff is a high priority with structures and systems in place to promote health living and well-being.

Pupils will leave our school with a sense of belonging and pride.  The curriculum will offer a wide range of opportunities available to all pupils to ensure they leave Athersley North prepared for the future; as well rounded, confident individuals. They will have the knowledge, skills and cultural capital confidence to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections, be critical thinkers and  lifelong learners.