Athersley North Primary School

School Uniform

Boys & Girls

A uniform, which can be readily and inexpensively obtained, is required for all pupils and must be worn during each school day.

Red (Scarlet) school sweatshirt or cardigan

White or Red ‘polo’ t-shirt (with traditional collar)

Grey/Black ‘School’ trousers  -Grey/Black skirt or Pinafore Dress

Red and white gingham summer dress (optional)

Flat, sensible, outdoor shoes – any colour (No high heels). Other forms of footwear are unacceptable for safety reasons.

Jewellery should not be worn, apart from children with pierced ears- who may wear a one single stud in each ear lobe.  No sleepers of any size and no large studs. 

No other forms of jewellery are allowed other than one wristwatch or medical bracelets/necklaces.

Extremes of fashion in clothing, shoes or hairstyles (including shaving and hair dye not of a natural colour) are not acceptable.