Athersley North Primary School

School Uniform


We believe that a consistent school uniform policy is vital to promote the ethos of the school, encouraging a sense of community and belonging for all pupils, regardless of their protected characteristics or socio-economic circumstances.

We aim to ensure that our approach to school uniform is consistent, fair and inclusive.  That is not only reflects the needs of all pupils, it is affordable, and does not place an unreasonable burden on families.

We believe that pupils learn most effectively and achieve their best outcomes when they are comfortable, feel equal to their peers, and dressed in a way that sets an appropriate tone for education.

Our school uniform does not have to be branded.

There is no expectation that uniform is purchased at a specific retailer. We actively encourage the use of second hand retailers. 

If you do wish to purchase items with incorporate the school logo they can be purchased via:

Vortex School Wear


My Clothing


RED (Scarlet) school sweatshirt or cardigan

WHITE OR RED ‘polo’ t-shirt (with traditional collar)

GREY/BLACK ‘School’ trousers  -Grey/Black skirt or Pinafore Dress.  Leggings /Joggers/ Jeans are NOT allowed

RED and WHITE gingham summer dress (optional)

FLAT, SENSIBLE ‘school’ shoes – any colour.  No high heels or Wellington Boots.

Jewellery should not be worn, apart from children with pierced ears- who may wear a one single stud in each ear lobe.  No sleepers of any size and no large studs for Health & Safety reasons.  No other forms of jewellery are allowed other than one wristwatch or medical bracelets/necklaces.

No makeup or temporary tattoos should be worn and finger nails must be kept to an acceptable length that does not impede pencil/pen grip.

Extremes of fashion in clothing, shoes or hairstyles (including shaving and hair dye not of a natural colour) are not acceptable.  The school reserves the right to make a judgement on whether a pupil’s hairstyle, hair colour or headwear is inappropriate for the school environment; however, the school will ensure that any such judgements do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics.


Please click the link to our School Uniform Policy.