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Privacy Notices

Privacy Notices

Schools, councils, the Department for Education (DfE), and other educational bodies that collect personal data about pupils and staff are required, by the Data Protection Act, to issue a privacy notice to parents/pupils and staff to say why the data is collected, how it’s used, and who it’s shared with.

How We Use Information

Collecting information about you or your child helps us give you the support and care that you need.  For example, if your child has special educational needs, we need to know what those needs are so that we can tailor our support to those needs.

The information and data that we gather also helps us to fulfil our requirements, measure our performance, and make decisions based on relevant statistics.  We’ll never use statistics in a way that identifies you or your child.

We’re required to pass on some of the information we collect (but not the names of individual children) to the Local Authority & Department for Education. They use it to help them develop policy, manage school performance, and to help develop good practice. You can email the Department for Education if you want to know more about the information they collect and how they process it. 

We often provide services in partnership with other agencies, so any data we collect may be shared with them for specific purposes allowed by law. These include, for example:

Issuing Privacy Notices

A privacy notice (previously a Fair Processing Notice) is provided to all parents or carers of all new and current pupils. 

If you would like more information on Privacy Notices please click the link below.
LA Information on Privacy Notices

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