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Schools Meals


Why are School Meals important?
  • healthy balanced meal helps children to concentrate and learn better
  • children have better results and grades when they have a full tummy 
  • eating around a table at school helps children to socialise
  • encourages children to develop healthy eating habits and reduce levels of obesity

At Athersley North Primary School we provide every child, irrespective of their age, with FREE milk each day at Lunchtime.  

Milk is a powerful boost to meeting children’s nutrient needs and contributing to a healthy, balanced diet.  A cup/carton of milk in school provides more than half a 5 year old’s calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B2 requirements each day and a third of their protein needs.

How much does a School Meal cost?
At Athersley North Primary School we SUBSIDISE THE COST of a school meal for ALL pupils.  The school lunch consists of a two course meal and for pupils not eligible for free school meals the cost is only £2.50 per pupil per day.
The school has a Cashless system for the payment of school meals.  You will need a ParentPay account in order to pay for your child’s lunch.
Please contact the school office for help setting up an account.
Universal Infant Free School Meals
If your child is in Foundation Stage 2, Year 1 or Year 2 they are entitled to                  FREE schools meals. 

All pupils in these year groups can have a FREE meal at school every day but we’re asking families who are in receipt of certain benefits to still complete an online application on the link below so we can check to see if we can receive  Pupil Premium for your child.

This is a grant provided by the Government for every child who has the right to a free school meal. This is a significant sum per eligible pupil, and the money goes directly to the school to support individual pupils and the whole school community.

Packed Lunches

If your child does choose to bring a packed lunch from home this should be brought in a clearly labelled lunch box.

We all know the unhealthy effects of carbonated drinks, energy drinks, artificial flavourings and colourings can have on our children and their health and with this in mind we ask parents/carers not to send their children to school with these sorts of drinks, either in lunch boxes or otherwise. A small carton of fruit juice will be allowed in lunchboxes.

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