"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela

Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum supports pupils to develop key communication skills in; speaking, listening, reading and writing, with an aim of making substantial progress in one language.

We teach the French language as the schools which our pupils attend for their Secondary Education provide French as a Languages option and we want to ensure our pupils have the best start to French education.

By doing this the pupils go into Key Stage 3 with the basic skills in the French language to give them a head start to continue developing their language knowledge.

Pupils are provided with a knowledge of a new culture to encourage curiosity. We endeavour for pupils to foster an interest in travelling to new countries. As France is easily accessible to the children by train, the children might be more likely to want to travel to the country to use their language skills.

Our school ensures that all children leave primary school with a bank of high frequency words, accurate pronunciation and the ability to construct sentences. Thus allowing our pupils to build on their experience of French and transitioning this in to the next phase of their linguistic adventure within KS3.





Core 1 Speaking and listening

Bonjour(Hello), Ma mere (My Mother), Tres bien (Very well)


Core 1 Reading and writing

Salut (Hi), Mon pere (My father), Mal (Not well)


Core 2 Speaking and listening

Jaune (Yellow), l’Angleterre (England), le chocolat (Chocolate)


Core 2 Reading and writing

La musique (Music), rouge (Red), La France (France)


Core 3 Speaking and listening

Le doight (The finger), un pull (a jumper), les yeux (The eyes)


Core 3 Reading and writing

La main (The hand), un pantalon (Trousers), les oreilles (The ears)

Y5, Y6

Animals Speaking and listening

Un chien (A dog), marron (Brown), petit (Small)


Animals Reading and writing

Un chat (A cat), noir (Black), grand (Big)

Y5, Y6

Food Speaking and listening

Des chips (Some crisps), les pommes (The apples), une fourchette (A fork)


Food Reading and writing

Un gateau (A cake), les raisins (The grapes), un bol (A bowl)

Y5, Y6

My home Speaking and listening

Une maison (a house), une ville (a town), un jardin (a garden)


My home Reading and writing

Un salon (a living room), une grande ville (a city), une television (a television)


Disciplinary Areas

At Athersley North Primary, we have chosen four disciplinary areas of French which we believe will engage pupils in their French learning. We have developed these into disciplinary knowledge progression strands and believe that these four progression areas will enable pupils to embed a strong understanding of the French curriculum. Disciplinary progression areas are speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Key Concepts

Our French curriculum is also driven by our three key concepts of substantive knowledge. We believe that these three areas are crucial in understanding the French language and being able to use and adapt the way that the French language is used. Substantive progression areas are phonics, grammar and vocabulary.


We currently use the Salut online scheme which includes sound buttons for the children to press, songs for the children to play and games to play.