"The study of geography is about more than just memorising places on a map.

It’s about understanding the complexity of our world"

Barack Obama

The Geography curriculum at Athersley North Primary aims to develop pupil’s geographical skills such as collecting and analysing data and interpreting a range of sources such as maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photos. Pupils will develop their enquiry skills to a high standard and deepen their understanding of geographical concepts by developing key questioning skills.

The Geography curriculum sets out to develop independent thinkers who take responsibility for their learning and aspire to overcome obstacles in order to become critical learners. Pupils will develop their knowledge of the local area and develop strong relationships within the local community. Pupils will also develop their understanding of wider communities within Barnsley and South Yorkshire and in turn develop a strong understanding of key events in the wider world.

At Athersley North Primary School, we want to engage pupils in the Geography curriculum, so they are able to see that there are many exciting opportunities to go out and explore. We want pupils to aspire to travel and see the world for themselves one day and have the skills needed to navigate through adult life.

At Athersley North Primary School, we have chosen four areas of Geography which we believe will engage pupils in their Geography learning. We have developed these into progression stands and believe that these four progression areas will enable pupils to embed a strong understanding of the Geography curriculum and in turn leave Athersley North Primary School as “Geographers”.

Disciplinary vocabulary

At Athersley North Primary School, we ensure that pupils speak like a Geographer by introducing specific geographical vocabulary that they will use within a range of topics. This vocabulary is progressive and pupils build a bank of geographical terminology throughout each Key Stage.

Substantive knowledge

At Athersley North Primary School, we believe that the Geography curriculum is also driven by our eight key concepts of substantive knowledge. We believe that these key substantive concepts act as the “golden nuggets” of Geography and will also help to develop pupils’ citizenship. A strong understanding of these eight substantive concepts will also help pupils make strong connections and links between a range of geographical events.

Substantive Vocabulary

At Athersley North Primary School, we ensure that all pupils can articulate their understanding of a substantive concepts by giving them opportunities to use a range of vocabulary linking to the substantive concept being taught.

Geography Long Term Plan


We offer a range of resources that pupils can use and explore within geography session. This ensures that all pupils are engaged in their learning.

Experiences and cultural capital

We aim to ensure that all pupils have a wide variety of learning experiences throughout their time at school.
Out and about in our local area: What did we see? Who did we meet?

Examples of Learning

Throughout Geography sessions, high expectations are set to ensure that good quality work is produced.