"The important thing is never to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

Our curriculum intent for Science at Athersley North Primary School is to develop pupil’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the nature, processes and method of Science, for now and the future. This will be done through a variety of practical experiments to engage pupils to promote the enjoyment and fuel their own curiosity of scientific processes.

We will encourage pupils to plan, investigate and to question experiments from their own interests stemming from the National Curriculum Objectives.

How We Teach Science

Each scientific concept is introduced to pupils through a storybook, this engages them and gives them context for learning. Each story leads to a key question which is investigated throughout the topic. Pupils are also introduced to a key scientific figure, e.g. the topic of plants – a botanist such as Beatrix Potter.

Example Work


Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge

During pupils scientific journey at Athersley North Primary School, they will cover the three scientific disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The diagram below illustrates how the scientific disciplines are broken down. Both substantive and disciplinary knowledge is taught in each unit of work and threads through each key stage so all concepts are revisited.

Example of Disciplinary Knowledge

Science Equipment

At Athersley North Primary School, we use a range of practical experiments to engage pupils and promote their own curiosity of scientific processes. Equipment is used throughout each unit of work to support pupils to observe, investigate and gather data.

Science Long Term Plan

Sample Science Progression